A brief History of Comics what I did – part 1.

I can’t remember when I started getting into Comics, I think it was when I was ill off school and my mum brought a Judge Dredd comic. A Best of 2000ad collection that included ‘The Graveyard Shift’ by John Wagner and Ron Smith. It was brutal. My lingering memory was of ‘bite fighting’ and the back end strip, ‘Shanty town’ where a ‘stub gun’ cut through anything, including the arm of a Judge Ocks who shirked it off saying something like ‘I needed to loose some weight’ while bandaging his own stump.

I read the Marvel UK reprints of Transformers, and years younger always waited to read my brothers Beano after him.… Continue Reading


1980’s Time Machine – Comic Archive #1

Lots and lots and lots of years ago I made a comic. Actually a made a few comics… a lot of comics. I love comics. My brother got me into it when he started drawing them. He always did ¬†stuff first, and I copied him. Comics, comedy, moving to Manchester, he did all these things, and I copied him because he was a lot cooler than me when we were young ‘uns.

He started with ‘the adventures of Mark Mushroom and Tom Toadstool’, fun stories of two anthropomorphic fungi, followed by ‘Blogford Town’, about a footy team. I started reading Marvel UK reprints of Transformers and Punisher, watched loads of 80’s action movies ¬†like Aliens and Robocop.… Continue Reading