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TV Ad – Behind the scenes

Here’s a behind the scene’s short video form the TV ad I did for Lancashire Magazine a few weeks back, I’ve never done anything ‘blue screen’ before. There’s a bit in the advert about a gold bar and we had a proper gold bar on set, with a fella charged with guarding it so I couldn’t pocket it. There’s also a bit where I stick my face in a plate full of mashed potato. I wonder if that bit will make it to the final cut.




Commercials can be stressful as you’ve got to get a lot done on a tight schedule, this ad was was shot by White Noise, and they were great.… Continue Reading

Start the year bouncing off the floor.

2013 started with a series on incidents. The back window of ┬áthe car shattered in the cold. the wife shattered her ankle playing roller derby and after eight years me and my agent sat down and had a nice frank chat and decided to go our separate ways. Oh and I’ve got a new kitten called Enid.

Eight years is a long time, the longest commitment I’ve ever had to anything outside of family and my own body parts, so leaving my agent felt like a terribly sad but inevitable separation. No contract was ever signed, just a handshake and a gentleman’s agreement in an Edinburgh flat back in 2004, feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago.… Continue Reading