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Video production for the University of Manchester

Illustration, motion graphics and voice work combine in this video production for The University of Manchester.

Back in January I started work on a video  project for The University of Manchester. The brief was to celebrate and publicise their ‘school governors initiative’, a programme where university staff help schools and colleges to improve, and in turn provide an opportunity for self development for those that volunteer.

Their initiative has won a handful of awards and I was keen to create a video would do justice to the hard work and accolades won by Alison, Stephanie and the social responsibility team at the university.… Continue Reading


How much does illustration cost?

How much does illustration cost? How does it work? These are questions I get often get asked when approached from clients considering new artwork. In this article I talk about the process I use when given a commissioned illustration project. It’s about art style and content, but moreover it’s about meeting expectations and getting clarity in order to deliver good work.

I’ve worked on illustration projects ranging in cost from a few hundred pounds to thousands. ThereĀ  are a few considerations to weigh up depending on the nature of the request. Aside from the monetary value an artist puts on there own work, or the value the buyer sees in it, clarifying what’s wanted and more importantly whats not wanted is the first step.… Continue Reading