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Photo Shoot preview 2016

Got some new publicity photos done for Danny Pensive and my own mug. Main reason was because all my old stuff look really old and club promoters need good up to date images, and I look very different from this time last year. Yes, that’s the reason. Not rubbing my own self inflated ego like an attention deprived five year old who’s just discovered felt tips shouting ‘look what I did’ to any passing adult as they draw dinosaurs on the wallpaper. One day I’ll get rumbled. “What a nice guy John is”. Yeah, and the rest.

Massive thanks for photographer Andy Hollingworth for fitting me in before Christmas. Here’s a sneaky peek at a few pics from the shoot…

Being Santa, The Improvisers Christmas Treat

This year, for the 6th time I was Santa at a local primary school in South Manchester. It occurred to me it’s a great pace to hone my improv craft. Yes there is a script you have to stick to “What do you want for Christmas” and “Have you been good” and stuff like that,  but outside of that it was essentially it was two hours of non stop suggestions. I’m reminded of something I learned at the Comedysport improv tournament some years back, “an Improviser needs general knowledge a mile wide and an inch thick”, so it certainly helps if you know your Minecraft from your Ninjago when asking the kids what they want, and if not, get them to describe it. Or delibratley misunderstand, like I did last year with the child who wanted a ‘One direction skate board’. Ho ho ho.

2015-12-05 10.58.54