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Observational Comedy Illustration

Here’s the artwork I created for the cover of this years Last Laugh Sheffield Comedy festival, being held up by the very funny Phil Jupitus  who asked why the acts had no eyes…

I was about to tweet back with an answer when I realised I didn’t have one. Why did I draw all the acts with no eyes?  After tracing it back to 2012, or thereabouts. I remember took over from another artist on the festival who drew everyone with no eyes, so I was just continuing on the tradition.

Festival acts banner from 2012

It still didn’t feel like an excuse, so even though it’s not on the brochure I thought I’d oblige…

Can you guess who is who?

Best Job in the World 27

bjitw27-kickstarterI’m not what i’d call a topical comic. Whichever way it goes this week.

My Kickstarter still needs plenty of funding to get off the ground, so if you want get your hands on a calendar of the best strips for 2015,  go here – http://tinyurl.com/bestjobcalendar2015

Oh I also featured on the British comedy guide this week – http://www.comedy.co.uk/shop/best_job_in_the_world_comic_strip_calendar/