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Time Lordy! #15 – Stop, Look, LISTEN!



Few years back I interviewed Who magazine strip artist Martin Geraghty , we compared his early strips to his later ones and he reckoned as his style now has about 50% less line work. Bet that’s changed, (Kidding!) Loving the new series, best one in ages.

Over at my other strip ‘The best job in the world’ I’m running a Kickstarter to collect together some of the years best strips into a calendar, if you like my stuff and head here and fund me up.

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Best Job in the World 27

bjitw27-kickstarterI’m not what i’d call a topical comic. Whichever way it goes this week.

My Kickstarter still needs plenty of funding to get off the ground, so if you want get your hands on a calendar of the best strips for 2015,  go here –

Oh I also featured on the British comedy guide this week –


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