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Present Yourself at Google Digital Garage (Manchester)

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Present Yourself comes to the Google Digital Garage in Manchester.

I’m really please to reveal that Google’s Digital Garage in Manchester will be hosting a taster session of Present Yourself, my comedy skills for presenting workshop .

It’s taking place on the 4th June at 17:00pm and there are 20 spaces available.

What is a Present Yourself workshop? – Stand up comedy skills for presenting and speaking

Want to put some ‘pop’ into your speaking and presenting? Be confident, relaxed, and inspiring, whatever the situation.

Taking experiences from the demanding environment of stand-up comedy, this ‘Present Yourself’ taster session uses stand-up comedy to help unlock creative thinking and build confidence. Aimed those new to presenting who wish to build confidence, and advanced presenters seeking side coaching and fresh feedback.

The focus is on improving engagement, storytelling, body language and ad-libbing while staying on topic. There are no scripts or rehearsals, the emphasis is on laughter and lots of learning. Presented by John Cooper, a professional stand-up comedian and improviser.


Google Digital Garage in Manchester
Google Digital Garage in Manchester

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Previous clients:

Bee-ing Seen. Logo Illustration for the Greater Manchester Fringe

The Greater Manchester Fringe wanted a new logo for their festival and I was only too happy to oblige. The brief to create a bee illustration, the bee being a popular symbol of Manchester.  This year they wanted a female bee, and were open to new ideas.

I started by looking at the original logo as I always want to respect previous versions. I wanted to keep some brand recognition to, even though we did move radically away from what was done previously.  Thinking it though for look and feel I sketched out a lot of ideas. I didn’t want it to look like a children’s illustration – not too cute, but also not too exaggerated either, keeping to the shape of a bee as much as possible.

The mascot had to be interpretation, but not too broad. It’s representing the festival and shows that can be anything from comedy, drama or poetry.  I noticed the previous illustration had a microphone and I consciously took that out as its more a music and stand up comedy device, but not something you’d see in live theatre.

You can maybe accuse me of overthinking it –  but it’s my job to overthink it,  and make sure that the final result can be used effectively.  As for the character, she doesn’t have a name yet but I think the guys at the Manchester Fringe Festival I working on that right now.


Illustration design for the Greater Manchester Fringe

ADDITIONAL – 4/06/2018

So back in late April I was asked to draw the new bee mascot logo for the Greater Manchester Fringe. (The Bee is the symbol of Manchester) Oddly enough I’d already started drawing a bee for the fringe. Not intentionally. It started as a procrastination doodle while I was meant to be working on my show, and just took me ages and ages to finish as I wanted to represent as much as I could in it.


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