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Improvising in Ireland at Improv Utopia

I had an amazing time this weekend  at Improv Utopia in Ireland.  Joining over 100 improvisers from all over the world for games, workshops and loads of fun.

An opportunity to meet an improvise with folk from the USA, Ireland and  other countries all in one place. I’ve been to plenty of improv conventions in America over the last ten with my comedysportz troupe,  and honestly didn’t know what to expect from this – but it was every bit as cool as I’d hoped.


We took over Newgrange Lodge just North of  Dublin with some expert teachers including Nick Armstrong, Katy Schutte, and Neil Curran as well as the lovely Craig and Carla Cackowski From L.A.

Watching improv people together in large groups is quite a thing to behold, and probably quite curious to the outside world.  We played ‘diamond dance’ outside in the blistering sunshine. It’s a game about dance moves, but also leadership…but really – dance moves!  I could see the staff of Newgrange Lodge watching us, clearly a little bewildered and  amused by what they were watching.

Each workshop covered a different discipline.  From group work to using emotion, character and selling yourself.  The weekend reaffirmed  my love for improv and how it’s a great tool for connecting and building relationships.  Improv Utopia has been running for many years in the US, but this is the first time they have organised a residential outside of the US – and it proved to be a great success.  Big thanks to all the guys who put it together, it felt like being in America without actually being in America.

Sell it! – workshop with Craig Cackowski


About John Cooper

He’s performed in hundreds of theatres around the UK and internationally as part of the CSz Manchester improv troupe. He has delivered workshops on how to use humour  and improv in business, taking part in the BBC2 series ‘The Speaker’ and the BBC New Comedy Awards. John is author of Present Yourself! – An illustrated guide to speaking in public and building confidence.


Present Yourself at Google Digital Garage (Manchester)

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Present Yourself comes to the Google Digital Garage in Manchester.

I’m really please to reveal that Google’s Digital Garage in Manchester will be hosting a taster session of Present Yourself, my comedy skills for presenting workshop .

It’s taking place on the 4th June at 17:00pm and there are 20 spaces available.

What is a Present Yourself workshop? – Stand up comedy skills for presenting and speaking

Want to put some ‘pop’ into your speaking and presenting? Be confident, relaxed, and inspiring, whatever the situation.

Taking experiences from the demanding environment of stand-up comedy, this ‘Present Yourself’ taster session uses stand-up comedy to help unlock creative thinking and build confidence. Aimed those new to presenting who wish to build confidence, and advanced presenters seeking side coaching and fresh feedback.

The focus is on improving engagement, storytelling, body language and ad-libbing while staying on topic. There are no scripts or rehearsals, the emphasis is on laughter and lots of learning. Presented by John Cooper, a professional stand-up comedian and improviser.


Google Digital Garage in Manchester
Google Digital Garage in Manchester

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