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SFX BLOG Six great things about Doctor Who

Extracting bits from time and space – blogger and comedian John Cooper has a list of other peoples favourite things

Summer means convention time and in a little street in Manchester I’m helping plan “Vworp 3″ the annual pub-based Doctor Who mini-con. I have in front of me list. A list of Doctor Who moments compiled by the likes of Graeme Harper, Terrance Dicks, Rob Shearman and other respected Who contributors.MORE…

SFX Blog – Gaming highlights from E3

Fresh videogame fun – blogger John Cooper peruses some picks from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010

If you like games it may not have escaped your notice that E3 took place last week. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the place where all the big dogs of the gaming world come out to play and show off their wares….

Rocket Steps. The art of communication.

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