Can I draw a 2-hour improv workshop?

I’m used to using improv skills to make up scenes on the fly, and I’m used to drawing quickly for pitches and life drawing, however, I’d never had the chance to a ‘live draw’ or Graphic Recording, as it’s more commonly called.

Part of the thrill for me is not knowing what will happen ‘in the room on the day’. Will there be enough room for an easel? A2 or A1 paper? Will people be looking over my shoulder while I draw? I can only prepare so much, and the rest is about adapting to the situation as it plays out, just like improv really.

My CSz improv gang get together almost every weekend to polish our improvisation skills, so I took the opportunity to graphic record the whole 2 hour session. Here’s a timelapse video;

Graphic recording timelapse

By the end, I was mentally a bit worn out, in a good way, and after uploading the video to Linkedin, was great to see it trending. Here are some images from the event;

Graphic recording is a great way for businesses to capture the content of a meeting, pitch or conference in a way that’s really engaging and inspiring. If you’re interested in using this service, please get in touch.

Graphic recording
Live drawing or graphic recording?
There are a few ways to describe this kind of illustration work