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How I Learned to tell Jokes… (2014)

How I learned to tell jokes.

6 pages. Download.

Magic Lamp Boy – Issues 1-9 (1997-1999)

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Magic Lamp Boy ran from from 1995 to 1999 in various forms. First there was a news strip in the University paper, then a one off 32 page story,  which will go up here at some point, then this ongoing series.

Issues 1-9 comprise of ‘Book 1’ it’s worth noting it was all drawn actual size, at A5. Yes, yes it was.


Virtual Obscurity – (1996)

In 1996, after drawing loads of comics from childhood, I nearly gave up. I was convinced the new fangled  internet was going to make comics obsolete, and this was the end. There was no such thing online comics, just lots of people with scanners and 56k modems. ‘Virtual Obscurity’ is about a comic book artist terrified of technology and progress. A vision of the future, drawn in the past.

The original was drawn scanned and grayscale coloured in Photoshop 2 on an Apple Mac the size of two suitcases. This is the original artwork, re-scanned with in todays modern HD standards.