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Storytelling: getting your voice heard with Power to Change @ Locality 2017

Storytelling: getting your voice heard. John Cooper blogs about the break out training session offered by Power to Change at the Locality Convention 2017

On the 14th November I was invited by community business organisation Power to Change to deliver a break out session at the Locality Convention in Manchester. If you were there, hello! Public speaking   workshop. storytelling workshop  

Big thanks to Claire and the team at Power to Change for inviting me along. It was really quite inspiring to be around so many community leaders, people who ‘get things done’ for the betterment of their local communities.

The session was about providing practical techniques that would get their voices heard at local authority level,  to gain funding for their projects. It was a bit whistle stop as I tried to cram in a lot from what I’ve learned over the years;  being confident and comfortable speaking and sharing to developing empathy in a narrative.  I was  aware these attendees probably had their own story to tell, and indeed they did.  Everyone I spoke to over the afternoon and evening reception had an incredible story to tell. Choices they had made, often selflessly,  to make things better for those around them. Events they had made happen, goals achieved or journeys that had just begun with a sentence along the lines of  “…so I quit my regular job to go do this instead”.

The strength of character in the room was tangible ( I even shared a bit of my own story)  and I was pretty humbled at the end of the session when co-organiser Charlotte showed me the feedback from attendees while I sold some of my books.

Power to Change put on a great evening reception, highlighting the history of community business with a book launch and a play  by the Manchester Shakespeare Company.

Not a bad way to spend my birthday.


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Present Yourself! – better confidence through comedy

Be confident, relaxed, and inspiring,  whatever the situation. Building confidence and presence  through comedy.


Taking experience from the demanding environment of stand-up comedy,  John’s workshop sessions use stand-up comedy to help unlock creative thinking and build confidence. They focus on improving engagement, better storytelling and ad-libbing while staying on topic.

Training workshops and 1 on 1 sessions provide individual feedback and side coaching. There are no scripts and no rehearsals, just lots of  laughs and learning.

Increase engagement • Gain presence
Better storytelling • Authentic confidence


Many thanks to John, a real master in the craft of improvised speaking. – Andy Atkins, Resonant

“I came away with more confidence and an understanding that I can talk about topics that I’m passionate about in a way to engage the  audience” – Ollie, Business Growth Hub

“Got a lot from it. Hope to implement in my workplace.” – Manchester Business Growth Hub

“Amazing workshop, thank you for making the storytelling so much fun”
The Coalville Hero Project

“Excellent workshop on telling your story”
Jax Lovelock – Dewsbury Park Mansion

“Didn’t feel like training and it was interactive, good fun.”
– Staff at Avecto, Manchester

Previous clients:

Got a question?

Comedy for Presenting and storytelling workshop
Comedy for Presenting and storytelling workshop


More Testimonials

“Excellent session. John made us feel at ease and have fun whilst giving us valuable advice and skills.”
– Liz Whitely

“Brilliant – straight away comfortably out of my comfort zone!”- Manchester Business Growth Hub event

“Eye-opening and something that I’d do again”
– David Norris

“Scary but loads of fun too, brilliant.”
– Terry Corbett

“Really enjoyed it and got out of my comfort zone.
– Connor Aston

John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester
John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester


How are outcomes recorded?
Feedback is recorded during the workshop and reviewed during an end of workshop discussion.

How long will it last?
Duration is flexible, based on number of attendees.

Where does it take place?
Location is flexible. Either on-site with the client or at a designated venue space.

How Much does it cost?
The cost of the workshop is dependant on number attendees and duration.

There’s a book too. Public Speaking.

The Present Yourself! book is a fully illustrated guide to help to get better at speaking and presenting. Fill in this form to get a free sampler (in PDF format) or purchase on Amazon UK here.

What makes a ‘Present Yourself’ workshop different?

  • We can come and do it where you work, no need to travel.
  • It’s an entertaining learning experience where you get to be the centre of attention.
  • Happier people create more productive places of work.

Funny is a serious business

Stand-up comedians have developed ways to survive and thrive in front of a crowd – this workshop consists of practical methods and discussions which explore them. There is no requirement for participants to prepare a speech or script. Everyone who participates…everyone… will speak, present and discover the edge of their comfort zone.

Better soft skills in the work place.

Why are good soft skills important? Advances in technology and  are leading to a decrease in jobs and career choices. Futurologists predict this trend is set to continue in sectors such as transport, accountancy, law and customer services.

In addition to this the culture of social media has led to an increase in screen use for simple conversations. We live in a wonderfully connected world, however  methods of communicating are creating a damaging social dynamic, leading to a decrease in quality soft skills and human interaction.

With these issues in mind, it’s more important than ever to re-invest in ourselves and each other,  at work and at home.

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Using comedy to improve performance skills