How much does illustration cost?

How much does illustration cost? How does it work? These are questions I get often get asked when approached from clients considering new artwork. In this article I talk about the process I use when given a commissioned illustration project. It’s about art style and content, but moreover it’s about meeting expectations and getting clarity in order to deliver good work.

I’ve worked on illustration projects ranging in cost from a few hundred pounds to thousands. There¬† are a few considerations to weigh up depending on the nature of the request. Aside from the monetary value an artist puts on there own work, or the value the buyer sees in it, clarifying what’s wanted and more importantly whats not wanted is the first step.… Continue Reading

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An illustration every day for Inktober

This October I took part in Inktober, drawing an inked picture every day for a month that I found out about via an illustrator friend Alex.¬† I hadn’t heard of it, googled it to the source and found a guy called Jake Parker who set up the challenge back in 2009. The aim is simply get more people drawing everyday for fun and creativity which. It’s a great idea, so got on board and did my first sketch on the 1st October.

I’m writing this post on 2nd November and looking at the picture I did thirty days ago, it’s terrible, really rushed and no line quality.… Continue Reading