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On Tour. Sheffield & Middlesborough

I’m on tour. Danny Pensive is supporting The One Man Lord of The Rings show throughout September, and this is what happened…

Day one – Sheffield.
Arrived early in the Heathrow branch of Avis to meet Charlie and Kristina his tour manager and pick up the ‘tourmobile’. Charlie went big and got a BMW 320, which was good as it turns out we have a lot of stuff. I’ve never driven a BMW before, and as the licence carrying driver, re-assured both by jerking them violently in the car all the way out of London while a tried to ‘find the bite’.
The first stop was Sheffield Lyceum. Got settled, went for a stroll and bumped into the lovely AJ Brown mooching through town in a dapper hat, so joined him for a bit of walking and looking. Over 400 in, it was a lovely show, and a great way to kick off the tour. Great Gig. Took the BMW home through snake pass. nice.

Day Two – Middlesborough
Sitting in a premier in just outside Middlesborough, Charlie mistakes a lifesize cardboard cutout of Lenny Henry for Ainsley Harriot. Easy mistake.
Middlesborough theatre tonight, not been there but got some mates coming. We shall see.

Danny at Greenbelt Festival

The greenbelt festival on Saturday night was an absolute belter. Danny Pensive closed, and despite the gig being called short – the gig being in a tent venue, they had to wrap at eleven – the crowd were awesome. I had new dvd’s made from Danny’s video diaries, I’ve never sold anything at a gig before, and only took five, but they all went like proverbial hot cakes straight after. Top night, and lots of new facebook friends too, nice.