Rocket Steps. The art of communication.
John Cooper

About Rocket Steps & John Cooper

Rocket Steps was set up by John Cooper  to showcase his multi-disciplined creative work. John is a professional comedian, illustrator and tutor.

From comedy and training to commercial illustration and design – everything is tied to his fascination of communication.

He’s performed in hundreds of theatres around the UK and internationally as part of the CSz Manchester improv troupe.
He has delivered workshops on how to use humour in business presentations, taking part in the BBC2 series ‘The Speaker’ and the BBC New Comedy Awards.
His illustration work has been exhibited in UK galleries, in print and on TV.

John is author of Present Yourself! – An illustrated guide to speaking in public and building confidence and the host of the ‘Bring a Brick’ podcast.

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Rocket Steps. The art of communication.

Rocket Steps Ltd - The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication

Showcase portfolio of John Cooper. Media creative working in Comedy, Illustration, Improvisation and Public speaking.