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Black and White Illustration

I often get asked to do artwork to very tight deadlines, mostly to get artwork to the printers and meet submission deadlines. You might think commissioning original illustration work on a quick turnaround might sound a little crazy, but it really depends on the brief.

With a tight deadline, preparation is everything. From the concept design to final piece, it’s easy to fall into certain traps.

colour Illustration

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I started illustrating commercially back in the early 90’s, when the rise of websites demanded images. Illustration offers a greater level of flexibility than stock photography. Sketch proposals can be generated quickly, then refined to get a very specific message across.

Full figure drawings, detailed backgrounds and tight accurate light and tone all take time to get right, there’ no arguing that. There is no shortcut for good artwork.

Creative and resourceful thinking on the other hand, (that elusive part of the process that looks very much like sitting still and doing nothing) can really save time. Again it’s in the prep.

I’ve been an illustrator and designer for as long as I can remember. Working with people all over the world, providing them with design ideas as unique as they are.

Good illustration design aids good business, providing  the confidence to present a public image with integrity and verve, and also win new customers. It’s my passion to engage people with good design across all media, whether providing an illustration commission, animation or a cross branded print  campaign with online marketing and website.

With over 18 years industry and design studio experience and a dedication to researching the latest design trends and web technology, it’s not just about creating a look and feel , but solving design problems.



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